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As owner of Florida Viilla Rentals I am also a certified Realtor.

If you are interested in purchasing a home in Florida I can help and advise you. I do have considerable experience in the area of Citrus County.I am committed to a high standard of service. I speak English, German and Dutch.

Leo Duijvestijn Realtor is associated with Tropic Shores Realty. This brokerage has an office in Spring Hills and an office in Crystal River All associated realtors have many years of experience in helping to sell your house or for a buyer to find the dream home.

You can reach us by:

Cell phone: (+1) 352 419 2896      
E-mail         : leonardusrealtor@gmail.com
website       : www.leonardusrealtor.com

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Florida Villa Rentals has a very good cooperation with one of the biggest car rental companies in the United States.
ALAMO, National and Enterprise, which is one company, have many rental offices at almost all airports. The cars are never older than 6 months and very well taken care of.

We can offer you also very competitive prices.

Pls follow following link  www.lejebil.com 
​and you will find all the cars you like for a wonderful vacation.

​If you put in the promocode FL-villa10 than you are entitled to have an extra discount of $ 10.- on their already low and competitive prices.

Please note that very probably you will travel with suitcases, hand luggage, maybe even golfclubs. Do not choose a car which will be too small to put in all your luggage as well as the luggage of your travel companions.

Driving a car in America is very comfortable.
The maximum speed at Interstates is 70-75 miles. Most of the cars will not speed above this limit as the enforcement by the State Troopers is very strict and fines are high!

A very common thought is that in America you can keep your lane. Not anymore!
Just as in other countries after passing a vehicle by driving in the left lane you must go back to the right lane.

Turning right at a red traffic light is allowed however you must come to a complete stop for at least 3 seconds, giving way of right to traffic which is coming from the left and only than when the crossing is totally free you can turn right. Please keep an eye for the sign "No turn right at red". If you see that do not turn right until the traffic light is green.
Coming from Europe you will see that you will ride on Interstates for which you need to pay toll. Do take bank notes with you for $ 1, $ 5 and $ 10